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I show clients how to lose 20-30lbs in 12 weeks or less without cutting carbs and other fun stuff from their lives. Sounds too good to be true? Please watch the video and see a few of my clients that did exactly that. If you'd like a no BS approach to fat loss and to finally achieve the weight loss results you've always wanted, please go ahead and click the link below the video and book a breakthrough call with me.

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Join 100's of clients from all over the world who have experienced incredible fat loss, improved health & fitness and many other life changing health benefits from working with me on my online coaching programmes. Are you next?

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Are You Ready to Experience "The GHG Method"?

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The Testimonials

Matt Lines Lost 30lbs in Just 12 Weeks!

Simon Lost Over 30lbs on My Programme!

Julia Lost 35lbs on My Programme!

Rich lost 32lbs in 12 weeks!

Timo lost 28lbs in 12 weeks!

Rob lost 32lbs in 11 Weeks!


With over 20 years experiential
knowledge in the fields of fitness,
nutrition, mindset & personal
development, I've separated the
“wheat from the chaff” and honed in
on the activities and philosophies that
will produce the best results as fast as
possible and in the most efficient and
safe manner.