The "GHG" Method

“A No Bullshit Approach To Losing Body Fat, Upgrading Your Mindset & Radically Changing Your Life”

Learn the EXACT method I show clients in losing 20lbs or more in 12 weeks AND still eat carbs & have a life

"I worked with Gav and lost 12.5kg in just 12 weeks - I recommend working with Gav 100%" - Kev Forsyth


The GHG Method will show you how to achieve a physique that looks great naked AND in a fancy suit. It will help you build a powerful mindset and create success habits that
you to transform your health and upgrade every area of your life.

If you’re fed up of feeling like crap and having no time or energy to do anything about it, The GHG Method is just what you need. Buy the book now, read it and take action to
finally achieve the life you’ve always wanted.

Why do some people take pride breezing up the stairs in custom fitted Italian suits while others hate how they look, in clothes and out, feeling like a fat slob as they gasp for

How do some people have enough drive and energy to play with their kids all day in the park, while others are “the fat dad on the sofa” who wants their kids to respect them?

Is it really possible to 30lbs or more, improve your health, and be a good role model for your kids even if you lack time, control over your schedule and struggle to motivate
yourself to workout and eat healthy?

The answer is YES!



Gav Gillibrand is a fitness and nutrition expert
who specialises in helping busy, executive men
become great roles models for their kids and
leaders for their families, as well as in business.

From a T.V. appearance on “Blind Date” in 1993
to a distinguished career as a male revue artist
AKA a male stripper, travelling all over the UK and
Europe, Gav went on to become one of the UK’s
most successful fitness coaches having helped
100’s of clients in the last 10 years to weight loss
success. He’s written articles for Men’s Health,
Hello! & OK! magazine and many more.

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“Join 100’s of clients that have used my
methods to effortlessly burn body fat, upgrade their mind set & finally achieve the body, the energy & the life they’ve always wanted”

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