You Gotta Train Those Wheels

Today I want to talk to you about your wheels.

Yes, your legs but in fitness circles, we often refer to them as wheels.

Soooo many men skip leg day and I want it to stop.

Right now.


Two reasons really…firstly, nothing looks worse than a well-developed, athletic upper torso and below the waist, you see a pair of skinny, spindly legs.

Ladies, am I right?

For the ladies, it’s not so much a skipping leg day, it’s very often a case of skipping weight training altogether.

Here is what everybody needs to know about training legs.

** Your legs contain some of the largest and strongest muscles in your body.

Your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps and your calves of course.

 ** It will help you burn more fat than any other type of exercise

**It burns more calories than most forms of exercise.

** It makes you highly “anabolic” – this basically means you can burn fat and build muscle FAST

^^Needed by guys and girls

** Training your legs lays the foundations in your quest for strength, power and health.

** It will increase your athleticism in life and improve your performance in every single sport that I know of.

^^Apart from tiddlywinks and pocket billiards

** Want to burn fat your from belly and the back of your arms?

Yep, train those legs people!

**Want to look your very best for the Xmas party/beach/pool/holiday/husband/wife

^^And Life?

Train those legs.

For most ladies reading this, would it be fair if I said that your legs are probably the area that needs the most work?

Is that a fair assumption?

And if you know that by training your legs (with weights) you will burn more fat from not just your legs but your whole body overall…

…why do I see so many of you cranking out sixty minutes on the damn elliptical!!??

That’s the cross trainer to our UK based readers

Even if you are pushed for time and you’ve only got 30mins in the gym…

…train those legs

I think you get my point by now.


Guess what today is for me?

Well I’m actually gonna train my back and shoulders but I did legs yesterday so there…

Have an awesome weekend everybody and see you all on Monday.


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