The Best Breakfast in The World?

The good ol’ meat and nut breakfast…

…with a twist.

You’ve heard me talk about it many times, too many times for many I’m sure but for those that are not sure what, why or how, let me break it down.

The pic above was my breakfast on Monday morning.

Rump steak, steamed spinach and sixteen macadamia nuts.

Why sixteen?

Coz that’s how many I grabbed!


So what are the benefits of the meat and nut breakfast and why would you want to do this whenever you can?

This concept came originally from Charles Poliquin about ten years ago.

I’ve written about this before but I want to update you again as I had forgotten how effective it can be as a tool to have in your “fat loss arsenal”

I’m a big believer in a carb free or a low carb breakfast for most people.

Note that I say most.

Some people can tolerate carbs in the morning or rather, are able to process them effectively.

We can all tolerate them.

I can tolerate four slices of toast with strawberry jam, three large croissants with peanut butter and will dominate a large portion of hash browns every chance I get but if I ate that in the morning I would gain fat quicker than you can say coronary heart disease

If fat loss is your goal, I would avoid carbs in the morning and eat them in the evening.

But back to steak and nuts.

Here we have a breakfast that is very high in protein, quite high in fats with a little green veg to make it even better.

I actually cooked the steak in a little full fat organic butter too.

The first thing you put in your mouth, as long as it’s food, dictates all neurotransmitters for the day.

This breakfast will massively increase dopamine and acetylcholine, two important neurotransmitters responsible for focus and drive.

The high protein will give you a very sustained energy release over the morning and the nuts provide a good supply of smart fats that help with that slow rise in blood sugar and energy release.

The spinach makes this great meal extra special

The key here is protein and good fats in the morning.

You could have chicken and avocado, or salmon and a couple of poached eggs to mix things up a bit but opt for the steak and nuts whenever you can, as it’s the KING!

I appreciate that steak in the morning is a new concept to many and maybe not even desirable BUT if you really want to get lean and get results, it might be worth a try.

I can honestly say that it works and it works well.

With just twenty three days until Tom and I go on a cruise around the Caribbean, I will be utilising this fat loss technique as much as possible.

It’s for work so we won’t even enjoy ourselves.

I’m dusting off the Speedos as we speak…

Enjoy the rest of the week.

Dominate that steak in the morning and look leaner, have more energy and feel more alert than ever before.

Speak to you on Friday.


PS. “you really want me to eat steak for breakfast?”

Yes. Well only if you want to lose that stubborn body fat you’ve been harping on about for the last three years…

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