The Philosophy of “Small Wins”

The “small wins” philosophy is often overlooked.

A walk around the block, a healthy breakfast, 3 litres of water per day, in bed at 10pm.

On their own they seem fairly innocuous.

Over time, like compound interest they can lead success and great things.

And this is the same for many things in life. Business, health, making money, building a company, working on a relationship.

I recorded this video this morning to explain this in more detail.

Start today with the smallest steps.

Do the small things every day will lead to MASSIVE results over time.

Short and sweet today guys.

Have an amazing weekend and for those that purchased my book, I’m very grateful for the support.

I posted about 30 books out myself yesterday so it should be with you either today or tomorrow.

Gav 🙂

PS. Today’s podcast talks about the importance of making your bed and the “small wins” philosophy – go here for that