THIS Will Put Lead in Your Pencil


Both men and women have it, although the average man has 10-15 times more than the average woman.

It’s a very important hormone and the key to building muscle, burning body fat and having lead in your pencil and whatever the female equivalent is to that 🙂

Things that decrease your testosterone:

Poor sleep.
Excessive alcohol.
Drugs, prescription drugs included
Lack of exercise
Over consumption of sugar.
Environmental contaminants (pollution, plastics, water)

All signs of a poor, sedentary and stressed lifestyle – very similar and typical to many of my clients in the city and maybe you?

Things that increase your levels of testosterone:

Losing weight
Exercise (weight bearing and heavy lifting)
Good sleep
Limited alcohol
Healthy, essential fats in your diet
DON’T avoid cholesterol
Optimal Vitamin ‘D’ and zinc levels

But it’s a two way street.

Lift heavy stuff off the floor and clean your lifestyle up you will increase testosterone and sex drive. Increase your testosterone by eliminating certain things will help you lose weight and lift heavy stuff off the floor.

Which means you will have more sex 🙂

The circle continues.

Ladies, increasing your T levels will not only help you burn body fat and lose weight, it will increase your assertiveness, which could be important for you in a male-dominated work environment.

It’s a win win.

If you need to make changes in your life and you are not sure where to start, take control of that and email me now.

It might be the smartest decision you make today

Gav 🙂

PS. Here’s more on testosterone…

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