Richard Lost 35lbs in 16 weeks

Two weeks ago I told you about my client Richard.

If you missed his full testimonial, you can find that here

I said that he lost 24lbs on my 12 week coaching programme and he did.

But he held back giving me his progress pics and now I know why.

Richard sent me a picture from 16 weeks of work and the results are just incredible!

4 months on and he’s only gone and lost 35lbs!!!

This is a fantastic result and one I’m really proud of and happy for Richard himself.

Often with testimonials, people are impressed when someone gets a six pack. I think that something like this is more impressive.

Richard started at 275lbs and is now 240lbs.

Still a long way to go and he knows that but what a start.

Richard largely focused on getting his diet right.

Exercise was by far a secondary concern.

Please congratulate Richard on his awesome achievement.

If you have weight to lose, here’s what I’d like you to do. 

Email me and find out how I can help you.

Man or woman, I have programmes that work.

Since I moved my business entirely online in June 2018, I’ve had the following results.

Richard: 35lbs

Iris: 45lbs

Jason: 31lbs

Lane: 29lbs

Kev: 30lbs

Tala: 17lbs

Stacey: 23lbs

Simon: 28lbs

The list goes on.

This doesn’t even mention the 5 women I have in week 9 of a group programme – wait until you see their results!!!

“Yea Gav, impressive but what about all the other clients?” 

The lowest weight loss with any of my clients since last June has been 14lbs or 1 stone, however you slice it.

But what’s more impressive is that these guys are keeping it off having learnt how to eat, exercise and adopt a healthy relationship with food that they are in control of.

I’d like to take on 2 more clients in April that want to lose weight, keep it off and feel amazing.

Email me straight back to get started.

Have a great Monday, everybody.

Gav 🙂

PS If you started today, 12 weeks would take you to the beginning of July – just in time for your summer holiday. Where do YOU want to be in 12 weeks?